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Universal Trailer is Charleston’s trusted supplier of custom pressure washer trailers. We supply South Carolina business owners with pressure washing equipment from the leading manufacturers and custom trailers to help start or grow a power washing business. With more than 40 years of industry experience, we’ll leverage our expertise to recommend the best equipment for your needs.

Commercial-grade equipment for Charleston pressure washing businesses

If you are a new Charleston pressure washing service provider, you may be wondering when it's time to upgrade your equipment. Pressure washers are available in household and commercial varieties.

  • A household pressure washer might get the job done if you are only occasionally doing a handful of smaller residential projects each month. When your calendar begins to fill up and your customers request larger, more challenging jobs, you’ll find that commercial-grade equipment will make your life much easier. Commercial equipment will save you time and labor because commercial units are more powerful and have superior durability.

  • We offer commercial-grade, American-made power washing and pressure washing equipment. Commercial pressure washers are more powerful, and they have higher water flow rates. They can withstand constant use and are most suitable for tough jobs. With a commercial power washer, you will find that you are able to complete jobs faster and more thoroughly. Although commercial equipment generally costs more, the investment will allow you to run your business more efficiently.

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Types of commercial pressure washers

Similar to household pressure washers, commercial pressure washers are available in electrical- and gas-powered varieties. Each type of pressure washer has its unique set of advantages.

Electric power washers

Electric pressure washers and power washers are often favored among service providers who are new to pressure washing. Because electric pressure washers are lighter in weight than their gas counterparts, you will likely experience less fatigue when working with an electrical unit. Another advantage of choosing an electric pressure washer is that it's safe for use indoors and outdoors.

Gas pressure washers

Many Charleston pressure-washing business owners prefer gas-powered pressure washers. Gas-powered units deliver a more powerful clean. These pressure washers offer complete freedom of movement because they aren’t tethered to a power cord. You won’t have to locate an electrical outlet when you arrive at a job site. With a gas pressure washer, you can provide services week after week without worrying about burning out the unit’s motor.

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Truck-mounted vs. trailer-mounted pressure washers in Charleston SC

If you’ve grown tired of frequently loading and unloading your pressure washer, there are options that can save valuable time and energy. You can choose between mounting a power washer onto your work truck or purchasing a custom power washer trailer.

Why choose truck-mounted pressure washers?

The installation costs of mounting a pressure washer to your truck are generally lower than the cost of having a custom pressure washer trailer built for your business. Once you’ve had your pressure washer mounted to your work truck, you can simply pack up your supplies and go. No longer will you be required to load and unload your pressure washer at every job site. Mounting your pressure washer to your work truck will solve the problem of having to load and unload your equipment; however, there are several compelling reasons you may prefer to invest in a power washer trailer instead.

The convenience and efficiency of pressure washer trailers

Power wash trailers can be hitched and unhitched as needed. This means if something happens to your truck, you can detach your power washer trailer and hitch it to a backup truck. If you want to use your truck for commuting, towing, hauling, or weekend adventures, you can simply unhitch your pressure washer trailer and use your truck as a daily vehicle. The effort involved in unhitching helps deter theft. If we customize your trailer to match your company’s branding, thieves will be further deterred from trying to steal your equipment.

A custom-designed, branded power washer trailer will advertise your business with no additional effort on your part. Your customers’ neighbors will take note of your company trailer as you work in the neigborhood.

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Whether you are a seasoned Charleston pressure washing pro or if you have just started your power washing business, give us a call. We'll help you decide which equipment will best meet your needs and serve your customer base. Moreover, you can bring your design ideas to us, and we will construct the power washer trailer of your dreams!

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