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Here at Universal Trailer, we understand that no two pressure washing companies are alike, and that each has its own requirements, preferences and goals when considering commercial-grade equipment. Our customers count on our 40+ years of experience designing and building commercial pressure washer trailers to match their specific needs, regardless of industry.

Business owners nationwide count on us for high-quality American-made products, custom-built pressure washer trailers and an all-around five-star customer service experience.

Multipurpose pressure washing trailers

When washing durable exterior surfaces, cleaning with a standard water hose requires extensive time and labor. Building exteriors, sidewalks, tractor-trailers, ships, buses and trains are constantly exposed to weather, dirt and smog. High-powered pressure washing equipment keeps outdoor surfaces looking newer, longer. Although a pressure washer designed for personal use at home has superior cleaning power compared to a garden hose, personal power washers generally require several hours to finish one surface. Power washing professionals invest in commercial-grade pressure washing trailers to take their enterprise to the next level.

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Industries our power wash trailers can benefit

The following is a sampling of business types that can save time and maximize revenue by upgrading to a power-washing trailer from Universal Trailer:
  • landscapers
  • construction contractors
  • power washing companies
  • painters
  • home improvement businesses
  • roofing companies

Our trailers are built in the USA

When a job calls for cleaning multiple large surfaces, a power washer trailer can accomplish the task quickly and efficiently. Pressure washer trailers offer mobility, power and water storage capacity to enable professionals to cover expansive surface areas in less time. Commercial trailers are typically powered by gasoline engines. An upgraded pump produces higher pressure to deliver a stronger water stream for more effective cleaning. A trailer may have a hand-crank or electric hose reel, depending on the model. A higher-capacity water tank allows for longer washing sessions. A separate detergent tank allows the option of boosting efficiency by adding a cleaning agent. Some pressure washing trailers are equipped with additional features like a hot water source, built-in toolboxes and lockable storage. Features like LED lights, spare tire storage, reflectors, breakaway brakes and hitch chains are important safety components, especially when traveling on the road with a power wash trailer.
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Trailer-mounted vs. truck-mounted

Some pressure washing professionals start out with truck-mounted power washers. Truck-mounted models are generally lower in cost. Therefore, many small businesses and independent service providers seek out truck-mounted options to minimize overhead costs. Although the initial purchase price may be lower, truck-mounted power washers often cost businesses in other ways.

Truck-mounted pressure washers

Professionals who use truck-mounted pressure washers are at a greater risk of losing out on business if the truck breaks down. Even if the business has a spare vehicle, the pressure washer can’t be removed from the truck and transported separately on a backup vehicle. Similarly, an independent pressure washing professional who wishes to use a truck for business and leisure would have to drive around with the truck-mounted pressure washer conspicuously attached. Working on a job site with a truck-mounted power washer requires packing up the equipment each time a worker wants to travel offsite to pick up additional supplies or to take a break. In the event of theft, businesses that have a truck-mounted power washer are likely to lose the truck and the pressure washer simultaneously.

Trailer-mounted power washers

A trailer-mounted power washer will generally cost more upfront; however, the tremendous upsides make the investment well worth it. Power washer trailers offer unparalleled flexibility. The trailer can be parked at a job site or stored at a business location, freeing up a worker’s truck for lunch breaks and casual use after hours. If a work truck breaks down, the trailer can be removed from the truck and reattached to a backup vehicle. Thieves are more likely to be deterred from stealing a power washer trailer because the trailer must be towed by another vehicle. Power washer trailers can also be personalized with a business name and logo for advertising purposes. Personalizing the trailer could further deter potential theft.

Expanding a business is easier with pressure washing trailers. A business that uses truck-mounted power washers is required to purchase an additional truck to add more commercial-grade washers to its fleet. In contrast, a business that wants to grow by adding an additional power washing trailer will have substantially lower expenses as the additional trailer can be attached to any leased, owned, rented or borrowed vehicle with sufficient towing capacity.

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Mobile water source for pressure washing jobs

On some jobs, a pressure washing professional may not have easy access to outdoor running water. New constructions, rental properties and vacant homes may not have active utility connections. If there is a water connection, the hookup may be located far away from the area on the property that requires pressure washing.

A pressure washer trailer allows the water source to be positioned and repositioned as needed. Pressure washing businesses are no longer dependent on accessibility to a permanent water connection when they can bring the water with them in a power washing trailer.

Why order from Universal?

Universal Trailer builds each unit to each customer’s specifications. Ordering a pressure washer trailer from Universal means having peace of mind in knowing your trailer is being constructed with decades of experience, specialized industry knowledge and expertise. We stand by our workmanship, and our aim is to deliver a commercial-grade product you will be able to use with confidence for many years to come.

Contact Universal Trailer to learn more about our custom power washer trailers and our other pressure washing products. Our team will assess your needs to determine which component would give you the most value in a power washing trailer. We are authorized dealers for trusted brands like Alkota, Hotsy, American Waterworks, All American Cleaning Systems and Optima Streamer.

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