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Power washing businesses throughout Ventura County count on the experts at Universal Trailer to supply their commercial equipment needs. We build pressure washing trailers according to each customer’s specifications. Our products are designed to meet your current business demands and to make business expansion easier and more cost-effective. If you are looking to start a commercial pressure washing business or upgrade your power washing equipment, a power washing trailer can help you achieve your objectives in several ways.

Pressure wash trailers boost efficiecny

If you have power washed a home or driveway using a pressure washer designed for personal use, you likely know what it’s like to spend hours working on a single surface. When you go into business as a power washing service provider, every minute counts. Reducing the amount of time you spend on a pressure washing job allows you to plan your schedule more efficiently, complete more jobs, and earn much more money for your business overall. Compared to personal pressure washers, commercial power wash trailers supply more cleaning pressure, thus allowing you to clean more thoroughly while working quickly. Adding detergent to your water supply can further reduce the amount of time you are required to spend on each job. Our Ventura County power wash trailers are equipped with a detergent reservoir to make it easy to boost your cleaning power by adding a cleaning solution to your arsenal.

Power washing trailers make your business more flexible

Sometimes you may find yourself on a job site that does not have running water. In other instances, the water source may be in an inconvenient location. A mounted pressure washer can overcome both challenges. Power wash trailers are equipped with a storage tank that allows you to bring your water supply with you. We can customize the size of our trailer’s water tank depending on the needs of your Ventura County power washing business. A larger storage tank allows you to work for longer periods of time without interruption.

In addition to having the ability to bring your water source with you, pressure wash trailers can be attached and detached from your work truck as needed. Compared to a truck-mounted power washer, power wash trailers afford more options in the event that your truck breaks down or if you would like to use your truck for multiple purposes. Businesses that use a truck-mounted pressure washer are unable to easily remove the pressure washer from their work truck. If a worker needs to leave a job site to run errands or to go on a break, the worker will have to pack up as if he or she is leaving the job site for the day and then unpack upon returning. Businesses that use truck-mounted pressure washers lose access to the entire truck and the pressure washer if the truck requires maintenance or repair. In contrast, a pressure washer trailer can be detached and left at a job site if a worker needs to use the truck to pick up lunch or supplies. If a work truck requires repair, the trailer can be unhitched and reattached to another vehicle for continued use.

Power washing trailers can be personalized

A pressure wash trailer can serve as an effective marketing tool for your Ventura County pressure washing business. Many businesses customize their pressure washing trailers with their business name, colors, and logo. Customizing a pressure washing trailer also deters theft. Thieves are less inclined to steal equipment that has been personalized with a distinct design that can easily be traced back to the owner. In contrast, if a business loses a truck-mounted pressure washer to theft, the business loses the entire truck along with the pressure washing equipment. Therefore, a simple act like leaving a work truck unlocked or allowing open access to the vehicle’s keys can cause the business to lose a work vehicle along with essential pressure washing equipment.

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Expanding business is easier with a mounted pressure washer

Upgrading to a pressure washer trailer will initially cost more than purchasing a truck-mounted pressure washer. However, you will save money over time as you look to purchase additional equipment when your business grows. Businesses that start with a truck-mounted pressure washer will be required to purchase an additional truck when it’s time to expand. After owning your first pressure wash trailer, you can expand your business by simply purchasing another one. You can hitch your additional pressure washing trailer to any other vehicle you own, lease, or borrow.

Additional features on a pressure wash trailer

We are able to add features to our customized pressure washing trailers that will provide additional convenience and allow you to complete jobs more efficiently. Adding a hot water feature to your pressure washing equipment will enable you to work faster and clean and sanitize surfaces more thoroughly. Steam is another add-on you can choose that will allow you to disinfect surfaces that are less suitable for being soaked with large quantities of water.

Pressure washing trailers can be equipped with specialized storage compartments. Lockable storage can be added to your trailer to secure tools and smaller accessories that may be prone to misplacement or theft. Built-in storage compartments will also keep you organized.

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Power washing trailer safety features

There are certain safety features your power washing trailer should include. If your service area requires you to travel on highways throughout Ventura County and surrounding areas, we recommend having your trailer equipped with full-size tires. Choosing a design that has storage for a spare tire will reduce the risk of your trailer becoming stranded at a job site or in between locations. LED lights will improve the visibility of your license plate, taillights, brake lights, and turn signals. We will ensure your power washing trailer is well-equipped to get the job done and to travel safely when you and your equipment are in transit.

Whether you are thinking of purchasing your first commercial-grade pressure washer or if you are looking to expand your pressure washing business, contact us. We have more than 40 years of experience building pressure washing trailers and selling power washing equipment. We sell locally to businesses in Southern California, including Los Angeles, Orange, and Ventura Counties. We now ship pressure washing products across the contiguous 48 states. We can even provide quotes for customers in Hawaii and Alaska. Call us or contact us online today to learn more!

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