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Businesses in Conway, South Carolina, call on Universal Trailer to meet all of their power washing and pressure washing equipment needs. For more than 40 years, we have been a trusted supplier of custom pressure washer trailers. Whether you are just starting your pressure washing business or if you are a powering washing pro who is looking to expand your equipment, we have a solution for you. In addition to custom-building power washer trailers, we sell pressure washer equipment from the industry’s top brands.

Upgrading to a commercial pressure washer

When building a pressure washing business in Conway, most people prefer to start small. Pressure washers are available in household and commercial varieties. If you are pressure washing residential properties as your side hustle, a household pressure washer should be enough to get the job done. However, if your goals include taking on larger projects and expanding your client base, you’ll eventually need to upgrade to a commercial unit.

Advantages of adding a commercial power washer to your business

If you are looking to earn substantial revenue from pressure washing, you will need a unit that is durable enough to be used day after day on tough jobs. Commercial pressure washers offer the following benefits to your business:

  • the ability to take on larger jobs
  • the ability to tackle more challenging jobs
  • longer-lasting equipment
  • greater cleaning versatility
hot water presser wash trailer

Power sources for commercial pressure washers

Similar to household pressure washers, commercial pressure washers are available in gas and electric varieties. Each type offers its own set of advantages.

Electric pressure washers are a favorable option if you:

  • are looking for professional equipment at a lower price point
  • prefer your lightweight equipment for ease of movement
  • work on projects that always have a nearby power source
  • require equipment that doesn’t produce a lot of noise
  • need a pressure washer that can be used indoors and in enclosed spaces

Certain jobs require gas-powered units. Gas-powered pressure washers often are preferred if a business:

  • wants to invest in hard-wearing equipment that will last a long time
  • has jobs that require a more powerful pressure washer
  • needs a pressure washer for projects that do not have easily accessible power outlets
  • prefers a pressure washer that provides maximum mobility

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Truck-mounted power washers

When you expand your business, you’ll need to decide between upgrading to a truck-mounted pressure washer and a pressure washer trailer. The installation costs associated with truck-mounted units are generally lower. Therefore, it may be tempting to make a truck-mounted unit one of your first major commercial investments. Truck-mounted units eliminate the need to load up equipment every time you have a job. Thieves also have a much more difficult time stealing your equipment unless they can steal the entire truck.

Choosing the right power washer trailer

An alternative to having power washing equipment mounted to your work truck is to invest in a power washer trailer. Many customers who buy custom pressure washer trailers for th e first time swear the benefits pay off quickly.

Adding to your work capacity is much easier when you invest in trailers. When you have trailers, you can expand your job capacity by purchasing additional trailers. As long as you have enough people to do the jobs and trucks to transport your equipment, you can continually expand your equipment in this manner.

Trailers can be attached and detached as needed. If you want to use your truck after hours, you can detach your trailer and use your truck for commuting, hauling, or any other purpose. If your work truck breaks down, you can keep up with client demand by renting, borrowing, or purchasing another truck and attaching your power washer trailer to the backup truck.

Having a pressure wash trailer can also deter theft. First, thieves must unhitch your equipment trailer from your work truck or find a way to directly steal your work truck. If a thief can unhitch your pressure washing trailer, the thief must also have a separate work truck to attach the equipment to before fleeing the scene. Stealing a power washer trailer is too much trouble for most would-be thieves.

Customizing your trailer with your company colors and logo makes it easy to find your property if someone manages to unhitch your pressure-washing trailer from your work truck. We can customize your power washer trailer with any color scheme or logo you need to represent your business.

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Custom pressure washing trailers in Conway, SC

We can build the perfect power washer trailer to suit your Conway business. If you aren’t sure exactly what your pressure wash trailer needs, we’re here to guide you. We know which equipment works best based on the industry you will be working in, the volume of jobs you will be handling, and the specific equipment features your jobs will likely require.

Reach us today, and let’s get started on designing your perfect power-washing trailer. We will properly equip your business to handle your customer demand and to easily expand in the future.

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