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If you are looking to expand your pressure washing business in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, you’ve come to the right place. Pressure washing service providers nationwide have purchased custom power washer trailers and equipment from Universal Trailer for more than 40 years. No matter how big or small your business, we can build the perfect pressure washer trailer to meet your needs. Beyond providing you with the equipment you need today, we will guide you in choosing the right products that will allow you to grow your business more efficiently over time.

Why your business needs a pressure washer trailer

Once you’ve progressed from doing pressure washing jobs every now and then to frequently providing services to customres, you’ll want to save as much time and energy as possible. Investing in a pressure washer trailer will allow you to maneuver your equipment more easily without having to do strenuous work. You will save time and feel better after completing each job.

hot water presser wash trailer

Truck-mounted power washers

Many small businesses choose truck-mounted power washers as their first major investments in commercial equipment. If you have a smaller budget, truck-mounted equipment may be more favorable due to the comparatively lower cost of installation.

Pressure washer trailers offer flexibility

Investing in a pressure washer trailer will instantly expand the types of jobs you can accept. We can design your custom pressure washer trailer to include a water tank, which will allow you to tackle jobs that don’t have a working water source onsite. Packing for jobs is much easier when you have a trailer because you can use as much space in the truck bed as you need for storing your supplies. Because you can attach and detach a pressure washer trailer as needed, your work truck can easily transform during its downtime into a commuter vehicle or a weekend truck for off-roading adventures.

Trailer-mounted pressure washers are much more maneuverable than truck-mounted units. Because trailers are smaller, you can position them closer to the power source or water source if necessary. You can also gain better access to areas on the job site that may not be as easy to reach in a large truck.

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Avoiding business disruptions by choosing a power wash trailer

Having a power washer trailer makes keeping up with your scheduled jobs much easier in the event of a disruption with your work truck. If your truck requires maintenance or repair work, you can unhitch your pressure washer trailer and hitch it to a backup vehicle while your main truck is unavailable.

Stealing a truck with a trailer attached is much more difficult than stealing a truck with equipment mounted. Unhitching the trailer takes too much time and effort, and it would be less likely for would-be thieves to discreetly steal your work truck with your customized trailer attached.

Expanding your business by adding more trailers

When it’s time to grow your business, you can increase your job capacity by purchasing another trailer. Because trailers can be hitched and unhitched as needed, you can hire additional workers who have their own work vehicles and allow them to use your additional trailer. Purchasing additional trailers is more cost-effective than adding truck-mounted units, which would require you to also purchase additional trucks.

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We want your business to stand out from the rest! Our team can design your power washer trailer according to your company’s branding. We can include your company’s colors, logo, slogans, and any other details that will set you apart from the others. Beyond aesthetics, we can equip your power washer trailer according to your needs. Send us your ideas, and our team will bring your vision to life!

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Whether you are new to power washing or have an established business in South Carolina, we’ve got the right products for you. Our professional team will listen to your needs, and based on the nature of your business, we’ll make the best recommendations for you. Contact the South Carolina pressure washer trailer experts at Universal Trailer to learn more.

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