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Long Beach power washing businesses have trusted Universal Trailer for more than 40 years with their commercial equipment needs. We customize power wash trailers locally in Long Beach and sell pressure washing equipment throughout Southern California. We have solutions for businesses that are starting out and for those that have been in business for many years.

What is a power washer?

People often refer to power washers and pressure washers interchangeably. Although they have more similarities than differences, there is one fundamental difference between the two. Pressure washers use pressurized cold water while power washers have an element that heats cold water to temperatures that can exceed 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Heat loosens dirt and grime, making it easier to clean durable surfaces. Using heat may seem like a no-brainer for Long Beach power wash businesses that are looking to improve worker efficiency. However, there are times when cold water is the better option. Some surfaces can be damaged by a combination of highly-pressurized water and extreme heat. In these cases, pressurized cold water works best to provide a thorough cleaning while minimizing the risk of damage.

Upgrading to commercial power washing equipment

Businesses and individual power wash professionals often begin by completing jobs with a consumer-grade pressure washer. Commercial equipment produces a stronger, more pressurized stream of water. Higher pressure makes it easier to thoroughly clean a surface in less time. For Long Beach power washing businesses, having the ability to complete jobs in less time allows the business to accept more jobs and make more money. Businesses generally upgrade to commercial equipment by mounting power washing equipment to their work truck or by purchasing a power wash trailer.

hot water presser wash trailer

Choosing equipment based on startup costs

Power washing businesses are often inclined to upgrade by purchasing truck-mounted equipment. Truck-mounted equipment is generally priced lower than a power washer trailer. When adding truck-mounted equipment, workers are not required to learn how to hitch and unhitch the equipment. Power wash professionals who use a power wash trailer are required to become comfortable with the process of attaching the trailer to their work truck and detaching the trailer as needed.

Commercial equipment and theft deterrence

Theft can significantly disrupt a power washing business. The type of equipment the business chooses can directly limit the extent to which business is interrupted in the event of theft. If a business loses a work truck with mounted power washing equipment to theft, the business is more likely to be required to scale back on the number of jobs it accepts until the truck and the equipment are replaced.

Businesses that utilize a power washing trailer are less likely to have their equipment stolen. Power wash trailers must be hitched to a vehicle before they can be moved. Therefore, thieves would have to bring a getaway vehicle with towing capacity and risk detection while hitching the trailer to the getaway truck. Long Beach power washing businesses can further minimize the risk of having their trailer stolen by personalizing it with their company name, logo, and colors. More than deterring theft, personalizing a power wash trailer can serve as a very effective local advertising strategy.

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Bringing a portable water source to job sites

Some job sites don’t have running water. The utility connection may be turned off at an unoccupied home or vacant building. Even if there is running water at a job site, the area that requires power washing may be located far away from the water connection. In these instances, a power washer trailer can provide a highly mobile water source that can be placed anywhere onsite. When you purchase a power wash trailer from us, we can customize your equipment by sizing the water tank according to your specifications.

Flexibility when a vehicle requires downtime

Businesses that own truck-mounted equipment are more likely to experience a disruption to their business if their work truck has to be serviced. Routine maintenance must be performed regularly. If a maintenance service requires a truck with mounted equipment to remain out of service for an extended period, the business will not be able to use the equipment to complete jobs until the truck is back up and running. A mechanical breakdown may create the need to reschedule or cancel jobs while the truck undergoes repair. As a result, the business may lose revenue.

Maintenance and repair are less impactful on businesses that use a power washer trailer. The trailer can simply be unhitched from the vehicle that requires service and hitched to another one. If the business has a backup vehicle, pros are able to continue completing jobs without interruption even if a work vehicle is out of commission for one or more days.

Using a work truck for multiple purposes

New businesses and individual power washing professionals often want to use their work trucks for leisure when they are not at work. Truck-mounted equipment must remain with the truck. When using the truck for casual commuting or attending formal events, the equipment must remain conspicuously mounted to the vehicle. Power washing trailers have the option of being unhitched if a pro wants to leave the equipment behind and drive the truck around town more discretely. If a worker wants to leave a job site to run errands or to go on a temporary break, the worker can unhitch the trailer and leave it at the job site while taking the truck. In contrast, a pro who is using truck-mounted equipment will generally have to pack up and bring the equipment along if the worker wishes to leave the work site.

Boosting cleaning power and improving efficiency

There are several ways Long Beach power washing pros can improve their efficiency and get jobs done faster while cleaning more thoroughly. Working with equipment that has a sufficient pressure rating ensures the pro has the necessary power to complete the job in a reasonable amount of time. Mixing water with a cleaning agent removes dirt and grime more efficiently. A power washer’s flow rate determines how quickly the equipment can wash away debris once it is loosened from the surface.

Choosing equipment with the right pressure rating

The amount of pressure a power washer produces is measured in pounds per square inch (PSI). A higher rating indicates more pounds of pressure. When purchasing equipment, Long Beach power washing business owners should choose equipment with a PSI that is high enough to take on more challenging jobs as the business expands. By planning ahead and choosing equipment the business can grow into, business owners will save money by making a one-time investment instead of needing to purchase more powerful equipment at a later date.

How much pressure is necessary?

Consumer-grade pressure washers typically have a PSI rating between 500 and 4,000. These units are most suitable for cleaning small items like vehicles, barbecue grills, bikes, and scooters. Middle-grade pressure washers have a PSI rating between 1,000 and 4,200. Along with smaller items that can be cleaned with less powerful consumer-grade units, pros and people who are looking to DIY can use these units to clean:

  • boats
  • ATVs
  • asphalt driveways
  • home siding
  • cedar fences
  • docks
  • decks

Commercial equipment has the highest PSI ratings, which are generally between 1,000 and 7,000. In addition to items that can be cleaned by consumer-grade and mid-grade pressure washers, commercial power washer equipment is powerful enough to clean industrial equipment, strip paint, and erase graffiti.

Measuring water flow

Aside from a pressure rating, power washers are also rated based on water flow. Pressure separates dirt and grime from the surface whereas water flow washes the separated grime and debris off of the surface. Water flow is measured in gallons per minute (GPM). If one power washer has a rating of 4GMP and another has a rating of 2GPM, the unit with the higher rating will wash a surface twice as fast as the unit with the lower rating.

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Choosing a power washer based on cleaning units

Power washer manufacturers generally provide an overall rating known as cleaning units (CU) or “cleaning speed.” The cleaning speed rating is the product of a unit’s PSI multiplied by the unit’s GPM. Power washers that have a higher CU rating will get the job done faster.

Soaps vs. detergents

Whether working with hot or cold water, using a soap or detergent will yield superior cleaning results and assist pros in working faster. People often regard soaps and detergents as the same. However, there are fundamental differences between the two. Soap is derived from fats and oils that come from plants and animals. To make soap a fat or an oil base is combined with steam to cause the base to break down into fatty acids and glycerin. Next, the raw ingredients are combined with a type of salt. The end product is soap. In contrast, detergent is generally made from chemicals.

Because soap comes from natural sources, runoff water that contains soap is less harmful to the environment. While it may seem like the answer is to always go with the eco-friendly approach, soap can leave behind a sticky, unsightly film. Detergents and soaps are often combined to make a superior cleaning solution.

In some cases, a power washing pro may need to do more than just remove debris from a surface. Soaps and detergents are effective at removing debris. Disinfectants and sanitizing solutions effectively kill germs. Sanitizers eliminate 99.999 percent of bacteria within 30 seconds. Disinfectants kill microorganisms within 10 minutes. Hot water and steam can also be used to sanitize while power washing. Steam is a better solution for surfaces that are vulnerable to damage and may not be suitable for the intensity of pressure washing or power washing.

American-made power washer trailers in Long Beach

Long Beach power wash professionals and businesses can purchase customized power washer trailers and pressure washing equipment from us locally. We sell to customers throughout Southern California in Los Angeles, Ventura, and Orange Counties. Our products are available for shipping to all of the 48 contiguous states. We can provide estimates to customers in Alaska and Hawaii.Universal Trailer’s customized pressure wash trailers are designed to meet your current needs and to grow with your business. If you are unsure which features your power wash trailer should include, we can help. Our highly experienced team of professionals is available to guide you through the process of customizing your new commercial-grade pressure washing equipment. Contact us today to learn more about pricing, shipping, and customization.

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