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Universal Trailer is a leading manufacturer of pressure washer trailers in Columbia. We build custom power washer trailers for South Carolina pressure washing businesses of all sizes. We combine innovative styling with equipment from the industry’s top manufacturers.

Commercial-grade pressure washers made in the USA

As your South Carolina power-washing business increases its customer base, you’ll want to upgrade your equipment. Household pressure washers are usually sufficient for occasional residential jobs. As your calendar books up, you will need commercial-grade equipment that can handle frequent use and the possibility of taking on more demanding projects. When upgrading to commercial equipment, there are certain factors you will have to weigh.

hot water presser wash trailer

Gas vs. electric pressure washers

Similar to household pressure washers, commercial units are powered by gas or electricity.

Electric power washers

Electric pressure washers usually have a lower price range. You will likely be less fatigued when using an electric unit because they weigh less than gas-powered units. If you or someone on your team is a pressure washing novice, you may prefer an electric power washer because they are easier to use. Electric units are also usually easier to maintain than their gas-powered counterparts.

Gas pressure washers

Many Myrtle Beach pressure washing businesses favor gas power washers for their longevity and durability. Business owners often favor gas power washers because they are capable of tackling the toughest jobs. With gas, you will generally have a higher PSI and water flow rate. When you are using a gas pressure washer, you won’t have to worry as much about burning out the motor. Gas units are also completely portable because they don’t require you to connect to an electrical outlet. You can even take them on jobs that don’t have a working source of electricity.

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Truck-mounted pressure washers

Once you’ve decided on the type of power washer you want to invest in, you’ll have to decide how you want to transport it to and from your company’s jobs. When you’re starting your pressure washing business, you will likely have to load and unload your power washer each time you have an appointment. To save time and energy, you can invest in having your power washer mounted to your work truck or to a custom trailer, and could serve as a prefect starting point for pressure washing businesses that are just starting out.

Advantages of a trailer-mounted power washer

Though the initial investment in having a custom pressure washer trailer built will likely be higher than the cost of mounting your equipment to your truck, the upsides to having your own custom power washer trailer are seemingly endless:

  • When you have a custom trailer with your contact information, brand colors, and logo, the trailer will do the advertising for you. Passersby will take notice when they see you working in their neighborhood.

  • If something happens to your truck, you can unhitch your trailer and hitch it to a backup vehicle with relative ease. Vehicle repairs and maintenance appointments are less likely to disrupt your business when you can transfer your equipment to another work truck and keep moving forward.

  • When you’re off duty, you can bring your truck with you wherever you go. Pressure washer trailers afford more flexibility because you can unhitch the trailer and use your truck for commuting, weekend, trips, or other towing and hauling jobs.

  • Your trailer may also deter vehicle theft. Potential thieves are unlikely to risk detection by taking time to unhitch your trailer from your work truck. Leaving the custom trailer attached would make it much more difficult for truck thieves to make a clean getaway.

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