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Universal Trailer is South Carolina’s reliable source for custom pressure washer trailers, power washing equipment, and the custom equipment you need to grow your power washing business. We have more than 40 years of experience building custom power-washing trailers. We build and ship pressure washer trailers throughout the Lowcountry, the Midlands, Pee Dee, and Upstate South Carolina.

Pressure washing vs. power washing

Although pressure washing and power washing achieve the same goals, the two services have different applications. Pressure washing and power washing are effective methods of removing dirt, oil, and other stubborn stains from hard surfaces like brick, stone, and concrete. Both types of equipment use similar amounts of pressure to get the job done. However, unlike pressure washers, power washers use the addition of heat to achieve better cleaning power.

How pressure washing works

Pressure washers use a pump to spray water through a hose with enough force to clean most hard outdoor surfaces. Household pressure washers have lower price tags than their commercial counterparts. They are usually lightweight and low maintenance. A household generates enough pressure to clean a driveway, the exterior walls of a house, porches, patios, and recreational items like small boats. Pressure washers can be gas-powered, electric, or even battery-operated. Gas-powered pressure washers are usually more powerful, mobile, and durable. For household purposes, a battery-powered pressure washer can offer more mobility than a corded electrical unit.

If you go into the business of providing pressure washing services, a household pressure washer may be enough to get started. However, when you want to serve more customers or take on bigger jobs, you’ll find that only a custom commercial unit can sustain the growth of your business.

How power washing works

Similar to pressure washing, power washing makes use of a highly pressurized stream of water to clean a hard surface. The key difference between pressure washing and power washing is the water temperature. Power washers use a very hot stream of water to add the element of heat to the washer’s cleaning power. Some surfaces are more suitable for the use of heat than others. Therefore, you should only use a power washer if you are certain the surface you want to clean will not be damaged by the use of hot water.

Power washers achieve superior cleaning results through the use of heat and agitation. Heat causes water molecules to move faster. The faster movement allows the water to penetrate stains more effectively. When combined with a cleaning agent like soap, the cleaning agent works more efficiently due to its enhanced ability to break the bonds between the stain and the surface you are cleaning.

hot water presser wash trailer

Using steam with a pressure washer

Adding another option to pressure washer configurations, some units come equipped with the option to use steam as a cleaning agent. When it comes to cleaning, hot or cold water works better than steam. However, there are some situations in which steam can come in handy. Some examples include:

  • hospital settings
  • public buildings
  • good-grade commercial areas

Power washers that offer the option of using steam are effective tools for sanitization and for melting ice that has accumulated on a cold surface. Steam is less effective at cleaning hard surfaces because when water turns into steam, it loses the agitation that loosens stains. However, steam can help when cleaning oil-soaked surfaces like engines, farm equipment, garage floors, and badly-stained driveways. Steam can be used to pre-treat an oil stain before using water to pressure wash or power wash the surface.

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Upgrading to a commercial pressure washer

Whether you own a pressure washing business or you are looking for the right equipment to maintain your commercial property, a commercial pressure washer is the right tool. Commercial pressure washers can be customized to cater to virtually any industry and task. Aside from price, some of the most important items that should be considered when choosing a pressure washer include:

  • PSI rating
  • electric vs gas
  • application
  • durability
  • longevity

Commercial gas power washers

Commercial-grade gas power washers are the more durable equipment option for professionals. A gas-powered unit affords you the freedom of not having to find a power source when you arrive at the job site. They are durable enough for use in agricultural settings and on the exterior surfaces of large homes and buildings. Because of their durability, you won’t have to worry about excessive wear and tear on the pump and the engine when working on large projects or heavily stained surfaces. If you frequently work difficult cleaning jobs, you’ll likely find that a gas unit will deliver superior power and longevity.

Commercial electric pressure washers

Where gas models offer durability, commercial-grade electric power washers offer affordability and convenience. When working near hospitals, schools, residential homes, and other areas that favor quieter equipment, commercial electrical pressure washers generate less noise. Because electric pressure washers do not have a gas tank, the units are lighter in weight than their gas counterparts. A lighter unit offers greater maneuverability. Even though electrical units require a connection to a power source, an extension cable will give you more freedom of movement. Electrical pressure washers typically are less expensive than their gas counterparts.

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