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Pressure washing is a service that is heavily sought after by residential and commercial property owners. Homeowners want to keep their property looking its best by removing debris and moss from their home’s exterior walls, roof, deck, driveway, patio, and walkways. Commercial property owners attract more customers when their place of business looks well-kept, safe, and inviting. Pressure washers can also be used for the following purposes:

  • pools
  • boats and ships
  • planes
  • buses
  • commercial trucks
  • garage and warehouse floors

Whether you are starting a new pressure washing business in California or if you have worked independently for years, Universal Trailer has the equipment to help you get jobs done more efficiently.

Starting a pressure washing business in California

Starting a pressure washing business in California can be a lucrative career move if you have the time, energy, skill set, and equipment. Pressure washing professionals often start out using a pressure washer that is designed for personal use. Consumer-grade pressure washers require you to set aside several hours to complete a single residential job. When going into business as a pressure washing professional, completing jobs satisfactorily in less time will allow you to make more money while conserving your energy. Upgrading to commercial pressure washing equipment will allow you to work quickly, clean thoroughly, and boost your earning potential.

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Expanding your California pressure washing business

Upgrading to commercial pressure wash equipment is the natural decision for pressure washing service providers who want to maximize their earnings. Pressure washing pros generally upgrade their equipment by purchasing truck-mounted commercial equipment or by investing in a pressure wash trailer. Both options have significant pros and cons. There are several factors California pressure washing businesses should evaluate when deciding which type of commercial equipment is best suited for their business.

Theft deterrence

Theft is a concern for most businesses that depend require the use of commercial-grade outdoor equipment. The type of pressure washing equipment you choose can directly impact the extent of financial loss your business may experience in the event of a theft.

Truck-mounted pressure washers put businesses at risk of losing their equipment and a work vehicle in a single act of theft. If a work truck has pressure washing equipment mounted, the equipment can’t be easily removed. Therefore, thieves who are targeting truck-mounted equipment are more likely to steal the entire truck along with the equipment.

Pressure washing trailers are less likely to be stolen because trailers must be hitched to a vehicle before they can be moved. Trailers can also be personalized for advertising purposes, which further deters theft. In the event that someone successfully steals an unhitched pressure washing trailer, the business would only need to replace the trailer in contrast to losing a work truck and pressure washing equipment if the equipment were mounted on the truck instead.

Storage capacity

A major disadvantage to purchasing truck-mounted pressure washing equipment is the loss of storage space in the truck bed. Because the equipment occupies much of the truck bed, businesses who choose the truck-mounted option must find other places to store their other tools and cargo.

Pressure washing trailers can be customized with designated storage spaces. Depending on the customer’s request, we can add toolboxes and lockable storage to a trailer. Unlike businesses that choose truck-mounted pressure washing equipment, businesses that use pressure washing trailers still have the option of storing cargo and tools in the truck bed.


Flexibility is can be critical when you encounter certain types of jobs. Some properties do not have active utility connections while others may not have a conveniently-located outdoor water source. Having a pressure washing trailer can allow you to overcome the challenges in both situations. Pressure washing trailers are highly mobile. When you have a pressure washing trailer, you can bring your water source with you. Therefore, you can position a trailer in hard-to-reach places and continue to use your portable water source.

When you’re not at work, you may want to use your work truck leisurely commuting during your downtime. Having truck-mounted pressure washing equipment means bulky commercial equipment goes with you wherever you go. If a worker needs to leave a job site to pick up supplies or to go on a break, the worker will have to pack up all supplies prior to leaving the job site even for a brief trip. Pressure washing trailers can be unhitched and left on the job site when workers leave to run an errand or to take a break. You can discretely store your trailer at your place of business when you want to use your work truck for daily commuting outside of business hours.

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Avoiding income loss

The type of commercial pressure washing equipment a business has will determine how much revenue the business may potentially lose in the event of a mechanical breakdown or if a vehicle requires maintenance. Businesses that have truck-mounted pressure washing equipment are unable to use the equipment and the vehicle if the work truck requires maintenance or repair. However, businesses that have one or more pressure wash trailers can detach the trailer from a vehicle that requires repair or maintenance service and hitch the trailer to a backup vehicle with towing capacity. Therefore, the business can continue to complete service appointments even if the business is temporarily unable to use its work truck.

Ease of use

When starting out, a pressure washing pro may be inclined to choose equipment that is easier to use. There may be a learning curve as workers become comfortable hitching and unhitching a power wash trailer to their work truck. Truck-mounted equipment offers the advantage of the equipment always remaining attached to the vehicle. Therefore, workers are always ready to travel to a job site without the need to hitch and unhitch any equipment.

Cost of expansion

Startup costs are important, but California pressure washing businesses should also consider the potential costs of expansion. For businesses that start off with truck-mounted equipment, expansion costs will generally be much higher. In addition to purchasing additional equipment, the business will also have to acquire an additional work truck. If the business purchases another work truck, it can decide to buy more truck-mounted equipment. However, if the business prefers to add a pressure washing trailer, it can do whether the additional truck is purchased or leased.

Starting out with a pressure washing trailer from the beginning means expansion costs will be lower. As customer demand expands, you can increase your capacity to complete more jobs by purchasing an additional trailer. The extra trailer can be hitched to any purchased, leased, or borrowed work vehicles the business can access to expand its operations.

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Boosting your cleaning power with power washing

In addition to upgrading to commercial equipment, California pressure washing businesses can complete jobs faster and more efficiently by implementing relatively simple practices. Working with hot water and adding a cleaning solution allows pressure washing pros to get more thorough results in less time.

Using a cleaning additive

People often think soap and detergents are the same. While both products can boost cleaning power when using a pressure washer or power washer, there are fundamental differences between the two. Although soap is often categorized as a type of detergent, soap is generally made from natural materials like fats and oils from animal or plant sources. In contrast, most other detergents are derived from man-made chemicals. The soap-making process involves combining fats or oils with a type of salt and using steam to process the mixture down to glycerin and fatty acids. Soap acts at the microscopic level to loosen dirt and grime when cleaning hard surfaces.

In pressure washing, there are times when it is better to use soap and other times when a detergent may be preferable. Because soap is made by combining natural materials, there is less cause to be concerned when residue washes down the drain and potentially enters the ground and nearby bodies of water. However, when working with hard water, pros generally prefer to use detergents over soap. When soap combines with hard water, it can leave behind a sticky residual film that can make a pressure washed surface appear less clean. Because detergents do not contain oils or fats as their base, detergents do not leave behind residue when used with hard water. Soaps and detergents are sometimes combined to create more efficient cleaning solutions.

Demand for disinfectants and sanitizing solutions rapidly increased as more businesses and property owners intensified their cleaning protocols due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While standard cleaners remove dirt, sanitizers kill 99.999 percent of bacteria within 30 seconds, and disinfectants kill organisms within 10 minutes.

Cleaning with hot water

Using equipment that has a heating element can make a monumental difference in cleaning efficiency and the amount of time it takes a pressure washing pro to complete a job. To utilize the power of hot water, businesses must purchase equipment that specifically includes a heating element.

Power washers vs. pressure washers

“Pressure washer” and “power washer” are often used as interchangeable terms. Both types of equipment utilize pressurized water for cleaning purposes. The key difference between the two is the presence of a heating element in power washers. Hot water loosens debris and allows it to be washed away more easily. Using heat may seem like a no-brainer, but there are some instances in which it is better to use pressurized cold water. Power washing is too strong for certain surfaces. Softer or more vulnerable surfaces are better suited for pressure washing. Examples include:

  • surfaces with lead paint
  • electrical boxes
  • windows
  • gutters
  • asphalt shingles

Hard surfaces can better withstand the heat and intensity of power washing. Examples of surfaces that are more likely to withstand power washing are:

  • concrete
  • stucco
  • fences
  • decks
  • patios
  • siding
  • brick

Universal Trailer offers customers the option of adding a heating element to their equipment. We build power wash trailers according to each customer’s needs. When you purchase customized commercial power washing equipment from us, you will receive the features that are most important to your business.

Commercial pressure washing trailers made in California

We produce our custom pressure washing and power washing trailers in-house. We sell locally to businesses and independent pressure washing pros in Los Angeles, Long Beach and Oxnard, Ventura County and other parts of Southern California. We ship to customers in all 48 contiguous states. We can also provide quotes to customers in Alaska and Hawaii. Whether you are located near or far, you can trust us to deliver high-quality, customized commercial pressure washing equipment.



What basic features should a pressure wash trailer include?

At a minimum, we recommend including a water tank that is suitable for the size of the jobs your business does, hose reels, and a pump that will supply the amount of pressure you will need to complete jobs as quickly as you would like.

Is there a difference between consumer-grade and commercial pressure washers?

Personal pressure washers utilize less pressure and often do not have features like a heating element or a detergent tank that can make pressure washing jobs easier. Therefore, it generally takes much longer to complete a project with a personal pressure washer compared to commercial-grade equipment.

What are the advantages of purchasing a pressure washing trailer?

Pressure wash trailers can be attached to any work vehicle. If a worker needs to leave a job site for a brief period during the work day, the trailer can be detached and left at the job site. Trailers can be personalized with business information and advertise the business while traveling to and from jobs. Starting or expanding a pressure washing business is much easier when you choose the versatility of a pressure wash trailer.

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